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Global investment in Australian IT manufacturing


Global investment in Australian IT manufacturing

In recent years, global technology companies have opened factories in Australia, and IT factories produce all the components required for "made-to-order" cloud infrastructure. The Australian Department of Defense also provides strong support.

The factory in Botany, NSW builds “clean” computer servers for customers who want to ensure that no unknown hardware or code is running in their data centres.

SoftIron’s local facilities will support the outsourcing of the ICT supply chain. This will help defense, government and Australian IT providers manage their commercial and strategic risks.

SoftIron Chief Operating Officer Jason Van der Schyff said: “SoftIron Australia is expanding its operations to support Australia’s sovereign manufacturing industry. Supporting friends in the ICT supply chain is the only way for Australian IT suppliers to manage the risks that exist in global supply chains, especially in key technical areas.

“The Australia-UK Free Trade Agreement (A-UK FTA) will support. The advanced manufacturing facility is partly funded by an innovation grant under the Australian Defense Department’s Sovereign Industrial Capabilities Program, valued at $1.5 million.

Components made at the factory will be used in HyperCloud. This is a world-first technology from SoftIron that enables customers to build and run their own secure cloud without worrying about third-party software “infecting” the process.

In this way, HyperCloud helps enterprises, governments, and defense organizations protect their sensitive data and critical national infrastructure. For example, HyperCloud has the potential to be an ideal platform for industry and government security information sharing in the AUKUS partnership.

AUKUS is a trilateral security agreement announced by Australia, the UK and the US in September 2021. Austrade UK investment director Julianne Davis said Austrade’s FDI attraction services supported access to the Australian market and would continue to do so as the company expanded.

“We provide in-country expertise, referrals and introductions, including to the NSW Government,” she said. “We are delighted to be assisting and look forward to continuing to support the company alongside our State Government colleagues as our footprint in Australia continues to grow.”

Van der Schyff added: “In Australia and the UK, Austrade connects us with relevant businesses, media, industry organizations and policymakers to accelerate our growth and development.


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