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Excellence in Global Commodity Trading

As we continue to meet the demands of the global market, we strive for continuous improvement, always seeking new opportunities for growth and collaboration with valued international partners. Our dedication to excellence and sustainability drives our passion for delivering the best of Australian agriculture to the world.

Leading Force in Global Commodity Trading

Sinocava Capital

At SINOCAVA Capital, we pride ourselves on being a leading force in global commodity trading. we have focused on delivering top-tier commodities, from minerals and agricultural produce to gourmet foods, to our international clients. 

Finding Growth

Global Opportunities

Pursue Excellence

Win-win Cooperation

Tailored to the unique needs of our global clients

A diverse spectrum of products

Utilities and Power

Sinocava Capital aims at supporting sustainable resource development and responsible utilities and energy practices that benefit local communities and the environment.

Gourmet Foods

Our selection features prime Beef, the finest Cherries, and exquisite Wines, each chosen with meticulous attention to quality standards for a sublime culinary experience.


We have a team of experts with deep sector knowledge and experience in identifying promising investment opportunities in the technology industry.

Mineral Resources

Our range includes high-grade Lithium, Crude Oil, and Iron Ore, responsibly sourced from the world's premier mining regions.

Agricultural Commodities

We offer premium-grade Wheat, Soybean, Corn, and Sugar, grown in the world's prime agricultural lands, assuring maximum nutritional value.


Recognizes the potential of the property market as a valuable investment opportunity for our clients.

Our Services

Make The Process Efficient and Stress-free

At Sinocava Capital, we ensure a seamless trading experience through comprehensive logistics tracking, one-on-one personalized service, and expert product consultation. Our goal is to make the process efficient and stress-free for our clients.

Build valuable, sustainable investments for the long-term.

Sinocava Capital committed to partnering with its portfolio companies and entrepreneurs to build valuable, sustainable companies for the long-term.


Create Long-Term Value

Modern Technology

Pursuit of Excellence

Success Stories

Unwavering commitment to product quality and customer service excellence

At Sinocava Capital, We are honored to have worked with numerous industry leaders, and our track record in large-scale export transactions speaks for itself. Our success stories are a testament to our unwavering commitment to product quality and customer service excellence.

Equity Investment

Achieve long-term capital growth and higher returns.

Property, Fixed Income

Discover value investment opportunities in Australia's real estate market


Focus on technological innovation and return-driven opportunities

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Investment Management

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Invested companies and investors' trust

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Investor Relations

Adhering to the corporate mission of Sinocava Capital “professional value creation, investment change the world”, the investor relations team positions itself as a bridge between investors and funds, effectively uses various communication methods, and is committed to providing investment services for many investors in the Asia-Pacific region. provide professional services. Sinocava Capital currently has rich and diverse types of investors. These top investment institutions have provided solid and sufficient capital support for the development of Sinocava Capital.

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A track record of unbroken profitability

Our investors and clients include Australian and global individuals and companies and financial managers. Offer clients a complete investment solution, or a single service in a personalized and cost-effective manner. Whether you are a boutique investment client or an established global player, our team has the practical expertise to deliver services that support your strategic objectives.

Our ever-expanding portfolio features investments and startups creating new economic opportunities across every sector. We combine expertise, innovative advice and flexible capital solutions to help our clients and partners realize opportunities. Our global advisory, investment, development and equity capabilities are underpinned by a full range of capital markets solutions and deep industry expertise, with a focus on infrastructure and real assets; technology, software and services; resources, energy and materials.

Upholding high standards of environmental, social, and governance practices, and to engaging with our portfolio companies to encourage them to improve their performance over time. Invest with an eye on tomorrow. Driven by our perception of the trends shaping society, we invest today with an eye toward tomorrow. As a responsible investor, we are committed to delivering long-term sustainable value.